DNP Water is organized as an investment holding company, which owns and operates (directly or indirectly) water plants across Vietnam. Our investment methods include:

  • Investing in the construction of new clean water plants in provinces, where current water supply capacities do not meet the growing demand.
  • Making new investments to expand the capacity and improve efficiency at our existing water plants.
  • Becoming a strategic shareholder of water supply companies during the Government’s privatization process.



DNP Water has owned and operated effectively current plants in Binh Thuan, Tien Giang and Hanoi with the total designed capacity of 190,000 m3/day. In addition, DNP Water is also major strategic shareholder of local water plants with total capacity to users of 580,000 m3/day.


DNP Water has entered strategic partnership with Kobelco Eco Solutions Co. Ltd – the leading company in Japan specialized in techonoly solution supply to water production and water treatment companies. The two parties will work together to transfer the advanced technology, equipments and solutions in Japan and in the world to the water plants of DNP Water for the sake of quality and effectiveness.


DNP Water has established partnership with Ba Ria – Vung Tau Water Supply JSC, one of the leading companies in Vietnam in management, operation and pipeline systems of water plants to constantly control water quality, reduce water loss and avoid resource wastes at DNP Water’s plants.

Value chain:
  • Benefited from the expertise and experience in solutions, pipeline materials and construction of Dong Nai Plastic with optimal cost and time.
  • Aiming for transparency, applying modern organization model of high standards with consultancy and support from IFC;
  • Lean management system that takes full advantages of member companies;
  • Experienced team of executives with expertise in technology, construction, finance, management…especially Japanese experts from KOBELCO to transfer know-how to DNP Water.
Customer base

The total number of customers at DNP Water’s members including corporate clients, organizations, governmental agencies, households…are currently up to 500,000 customers. This is the solid foundation for comprehensive cooperation between DNP Water with financial institutions, banks, retailers…to provide value added services to these customers.


The captical of DNP Water is currently VND 1,100 bil. plus the investment commitment of 24.9 mil. from IFC (member of World Bank Group).