Established in 2017, DNP Water mobilized resources to realize the commitment to make long-term investment in the water sector of DNP Corp, so as to not only increase values for investors in a sector of plenty room for development, but also help solve water-related problems such as lack of clean water, pollution of water sources…, making meaningful contribution to the society. After one year of operataion, DNP Water has shaped its solid foundation for rapid development in the future.

  • Company name: DNP Water
  • Charter capital: VND 1,100 bil. as of 31 Jan 2018


To be the leading clean water investor in Vietnam


We are committed to make long-term investment in the water sector with all of our sources and greatest passion, being a pioneer in applying high technology and creating breakthrough solutions in business model of supplying clean water to all Vietnamese people.


  • Own and operate water plants and water supply networks with total capacity of 1 mil. m3/day
  • Ensure qualified clean water supply for end-users
  • Create values for the company and at the same time fulfill social responsibilities
Development plan
  • Build a team of highly qualified and experienced staffs in the sector
  • Computerize the management and operation system in water plants and supply networks
  • Collaborate with experienced partners to enhance capacity and apply advanced technology in the water sector
  • Expand investments in various areas of Vietnam to provide optimal clean water solution, balancing the interests of related stakeholders and DNP Water.
Core values