The water plants of DNP Water are employing world-class advanced water treatment technology and management system, automatically supervising and collecting data, enhancing the productivity and ensuring qualified clean water for users.

Upflow Biological Contacting Filter (UBCF) and Lamellar sedimentation

UBCF is an advanced Japanese technology which helps reduce organic particles in the water, thus decreases the pollution in preliminary water treatment.
Widely applied in current water treatment projects, lamellar sedimentation reduces the structure’s height, increase the flow rate and treatment effectiveness – a solution to enhance water quality and reduce operation costs.

Ultra Filtration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO)

One of the most advanced water treatment technologies currently, UF-RO has high water treatment effectiveness, removes oil, metal hydroxide, glue, emulsion, floating solids, bacteria and most particles of more than 0.02µm in size with UF and produces pure water with RO filter, ensuring the best quality for users’ health.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

SCADA is the automation management system in industry with the functions of supervising and collecting data. Applied in the water production and treatement sector, SCADA automatically collects, manages and analyzes data to support production planning, control, equipment supervision and analysis of water quality…enhancing the effectiveness in production and management of water supply network.

Network and water bill management

DNP Water applies advanced systems to effectively manage the network, minimize water leakage and enhance customer services. A pilot run of GIS (Geographic Information System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is conducted to monitor the network and gauges, analyze to detect leakage, record water usage and collect payment conveniently via electronic transactions.


National technical regulation on
drinking water quality National technical regulation on
domestic water quality

National technical regulation on
domestic water quality


Operation partner: BA RIA – VUNG TAU WATER SUPPLY – SEWERAGE JSC (Bwaco)

A leading company in Vietnam in management and operation of water plants, BWACO has water supply capacity of 180,000 m3/day, producing and supplying clean water for Vung Tau city, Ba Ria city, 4 towns, 14 towns and 1 neighboring industrial park with more than 157,000 connections. The company has superior financial ratio in the industry (profit over revenue ration is at a high level of 25%) and the water loss rate lowest among water companies (less than 8%), especially for a supply company with large number of connections. As an operation partner, BWACO will enhance the operation effectiveness at the water plants of DNP Water..

Technology partner:


KOBELCO has the capital of over $200 mil. and a development history of over 60 years, specializing in technology and solutions for water companies, especially effective, green and energy-saving ones. The corporation has office in Vietnam and participates in highlight projects such as Hoang Mai Water Factory, Thabelco, waste management for Binh Duong Water – Environment JSC…KOBELCO has signed a contract to transfer technology, equipments and advanced solutions in Japan and in the world to water plants of DNP Water.

Finance partner

International Finance Corporation


A multi-national financial institution in the World Bank Group with a total of USD 35 bil. under its management, IFC focuses on making investments to support enterprises in developing countries. In Vietnam, IFC has invested in big companies such as banks, corporations in infrastructure, real estate…with high growth potential, effective operation and good social, environmental and corporate governance practices. At present, DNP Water is proud to be chosen as the first and only partner in the water sector of IFC.


The customer base of DNP Water’s members are currently up to 515,000 customers, including institutions and households. This number is expected to grow rapidly in accordance to the increase of the plant’s capacity and project completion.